The Manc - Lads in group chats are shaving their heads during UK lockdown"

Lads in group chats are shaving their heads during UK lockdown


Britain is set to emerge on the other side of coronavirus as a completely unrecognisable place.

Lockdown is breeding a nation of educated, fighting-fit, film buffs; with everybody reading, working out and binge-watching movies more than usual.

But, by the time everything is normal again, we'll also be looking rather scraggly and unkempt.

Barber shops are closed for the foreseeable future, meaning we could be left with a country full of men rocking some of the longest hair-dos they've ever had.

Even when the shutters are lifted, huge queues are expected as lads rush to get their first trim in months.

However, not everyone is content to wait for the virus to vanish. Some have decided to take the plunge instead by cutting their own hair...

Social media has exploded with images of men sporting shaven heads after running the razor through their luscious locks - sparking a "Covhead Challenge" trend across the nation.

Even lads who love their hair are going for it; using the opportunity to raise funds for the NHS.

Rugby stars Henry Slade, Ellis Genge and Luke Cowan-Dickie are just a few famous faces to get involved so far.


Looking at the pictures so far, it's safe to say some have done a better job than others.

Either way, Brits will definitely be coming out of this crisis looking very different.

Happy shaving, fellas.

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