Man arrested for running around Dunham Massey wearing nothing but a pair of walking boots

And it's apparently not the first time

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 7th May 2024

A man has been arrested for running around local beauty spot Dunham Massey almost entirely naked.

And according to Greater Manchester Police, it’s not even the first time he’s stripped off in the fields…

While most Mancs will head to the beautiful National Trust site to take in the views of the local wildlife, a handful of walkers got more than they bargained for last week.

The man in question has previously been reported for passing through the Trafford green space starkers, leading to his arrest on 2 May.

He was arrested last week for indecent exposure – and his choice of outfit didn’t leave much to the imagination.


The man was clocked running around Dunham Massey completely naked but for a pair of walking boots.

GMP said: “Male arrested for indecent exposure after being seen running around Dunham Massey naked apart from a pair of walking boots!!


“We have had a number of complaints of this guy doing this previously causing alarm, and so action has been taken.”

One person joked: “Completely inappropriate to go running like that… you’ll never get a PB in walking boots.”

The weather has been pretty nice over the last few days, with temperatures around Manchester climbing all the way to 22 degrees.


And some experts are predicting that Britain could be set for a heatwave with temperatures of 30°C and over in just over a month’s time.

Even if we do get an unseasonably warm spring though, probably best to keep your kecks on while you’re out hiking…

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