Man replicates Manchester pizza restaurant’s loo in his own home

They are pretty excellent loos...e

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 6th May 2024

A man has fallen so in love with the loos at a Manchester pizza restaurant that he’s recreated it in his own home.

Yep, while most of us spend our time trawling Pinterest or Instagram for our interiors inspiration, local Matt Hatt got his inspo on a trip to the toilet in town.

He was so obsessed with Nell’s vibrant orange bathroom interiors that he’s now created his very own cookie cutter version in his own house.

And Nell’s has been so impressed, they’ve even got stuck in to lend a hand with the finishing touches.

We are totally on board with Matt’s appreciation for a good restaurant loo – you can spend all the money in the world fitting out a dining room, but it really can fall apart if you head to a toilet with a wonky seat or a door that doesn’t shut or hideous fluorescent lighting.


Thankfully you don’t find too many of those around town these days.

From the ultra-luxury bogs around Spinningfields to the cheeky nude-covered toilets in the Northern Quarter, Manchester has a load of brilliant restaurant loos to explore.


One of the best is Nell’s, the New York-style pizza joint down at Kampus, which is painted a vibrant shade of orange.

Matt has nailed that bright toilet decor in his Victorian home in Manchester, down to the white subway tiles, the rounded wall mirrors, and the globe light fixture.

He even slid into Nell’s DMs to let them know about his project, and they offered to give him a branded pizza box, which Matt framed and hung on the wall.


Sharing his inspiration in a video filmed at Nell’s, Matt said: “If you’ve never been in a men’s toilet before, welcome. This is Nell’s Pizza in Manchester and this is the inspiration for our downstairs loo. Isn’t it fab?

“I really love the orange absolutely everywhere, the white contrasting tiles and the chrome detailing. Even the bloody floor’s orange!

“This is also a really good reminder that inspiration for your home can come from anywhere – even the men’s toilets.”

You can see the full step-by-step transformation through his Instagram account @hattathome.

Would you copy any local restaurant decor into your home?

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Featured image: Instagram @hattathome