Manchester brewery saves legendary pub The Pilcrow and renames it Sadler’s Cat

The news follows an announcement from Common & Co. that it wouldn't be renewing the lease.

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 20th July 2021

Big news on Manchester’s beer scene as it’s been revealed that Cloudwater Brewery has snapped up The Pilcrow pub.

The hugely popular Manchester brewery has won multiple awards for its creations and is recognised worldwide. Now, the brewer has announced plans to open its first pub in the city – taking over none other than Common & Co’s old site, The Pilcrow.

It’s a shrewd move given that The Pilcrow is already an iconic beer pub loved by craft fans across the city. It also serves to soften the blow at the loss of what was one of our absolutely favourite beer spots, with Common confirming it wouldn’t be renewing its lease just a few weeks ago.

There’ll be stuffed bao buns and veggie dishes on the menu courtesy of Wallace and Sons / Image: Wallace and Sons

Cloudwater won’t be keeping the name, though. Instead, the venue will be restyled as a new pub called Sadler’s Cat in a homage to the square in which it sits.

There’ll be plenty of Cloudwater brews on tap, alongside pints from a host of other well-loved Manchester breweries.


And it’s not just beer lovers who are going to be well catered for because Cloudwater is also bringing in some gorgeous-sounding natural wines, spirits and softs to round out the menu.

On the food side, there’ll be bao buns and veggie dishes from John Wallace of Wallace and Sons – something that’s got us very excited. Manchester currently has an overabundance of pizza and a distinct shortage of bao, so it’s about time something was done to level the playing field.


The news broke via the Sadler’s Cat Instagram page, formerly belonging to The Pilcrow, yesterday on Instagram.

The post (above) explained the title of the boozer in more detail – calling it “The pub that Manchester built.”

The new pub from Cloudwater will open on Sadler’s Yard on Friday 30 July.

See you at the bar.