Manchester City Council recruit Jon Snow ‘lookalike’ to help promote jabs drive this winter

The Game of Thrones lookalike stopped by the city last week to reminded locals that "Manchester's Winter is coming".

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 25th October 2021

Manchester City Council has recruited the help of an uncanny Game of Thrones character lookalike to encourage residents to get their jabs ready for winter.

It’s not something you see everyday, or even at all – but a lookalike of one of the characters from the iconic and much-loved HBO fantasy drama series Game of Thrones stopped by the city last week to reminded locals that “Manchester’s Winter is coming”.

Have you guessed who it was? That’s right, Jon Snow was in town.

The lookalike legend was there to lend a hand to Manchester City Council with a campaign to boost local knowledge on COVID vaccines, boosters, and the flu jab, and all while encouraging residents to keep up with relevant testing.

The ‘King in the North’ was also keen to point out where they get help with all of this.


But, while ‘Jon’ was in the city, he was also sure to make the most of the walk-in vaccination site at Manchester Town Hall, so that he too could have his COVID vaccination.

James Martin – the actor who played the Jon Snow lookalike – explained: “I wanted to have the vaccine, so this was the perfect time and a case of life imitating art.


“It was quick and easy, and absolutely nothing to worry about.”

“This call-out to the city is so vital,” added Dr Manisha Kumar – Medical Director at Manchester Health and Care Commissioning. 

“Please don’t put off having your vaccinations [as] early evidence suggests that people who get COVID and flu at the same time can be twice as likely to die [and] this can be prevented [so] we have to do everything we can so that people don’t face the prospect of serious illness, or even death.”


David Regan – Director of Public Health in Manchester – continued: “In our view, everyone is a hero who has the vaccine to look after themselves and others [as] there’s no doubt that this winter is going to be tough, with all the extra cold and respiratory viruses, flu and of course, COVID, as people are out of lockdown.”

While ‘Jon’ was in the city, he also made the most of the walk-in vaccination site at Manchester Town Hall / Credit: Manchester City Council

“I thank everyone in advance for keeping on with all those key things that can keep the the whole city safe,” he concluded.

Councillor Joanna Midgley – Executive Member for Health and Care at Manchester City Council – was also quick to point out how appropriate it was that ‘Jon Snow’ stopped by to help with the campaign, as “in terms of medicine, there is another John Snow – who was a London physician, famous for his work on anaesthesia and finding the source of a cholera outbreak in the 1800s.”

What are the chances? It was meant to be.

For more information about the vaccines on offer this winter, check out the Manchester City Council website here.

Featured Image – YouTube (Manchester City Council)