Manchester Museum exhibit named must-see 2023 attraction by The Guardian

Huge excitement is surrounding the opening of a new Ancient Egyptian exhibit in Manchester next month

Georgina Pellant Georgina Pellant - 2nd January 2023

As Manchester Museum gears up to reopen its doors following a huge revamp, one of its new exhibitions has been listed as one of the must-see UK attractions of 2023 by The Guardian.

The museum’s Golden Mummies of Egypt exhibit, a one-of-a-kind cultural experience offering visitors a rich perspective on beliefs about the afterlife, will open later this year following a huge £15 million makeover of the historic building.

Featuring more than 100 objects and eight mummies, it has just finished a hugely successful tour across the USA and China and will be displayed in a brand-new Exhibition Hall on the museum’s ground floor next month.

Opening on 18 February, it has been developed and produced in partnership with Nomad Exhibitions and explores Ancient Egyptian customs and culture around death and what lies in wait afterwards.

All exhibits come from a time when the country was part of the Greek and Roman world (c. 300 BCE-200 CE), showcasing over 100 objects from Manchester Museum’s world-leading Egyptology collections.


Considered to encompass some of the most significant Ancient Egyptian artefacts in the UK, the project aims to challenge old Victorian notions of Ancient Egypt and reimagine the period through a contemporary lens.

Image: Manchester Museum

Keen to state that the exhibit won’t just be about gold and grandeur, non-intrusive science is being used to explore the intricate wrappings of ancient mummified bodies and how the art of mummification may have been part of a belief that transformed the body into the divine.


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As part of its multi-million transformation, the cultural institution is adding a modern two-storey extension, a new entrance, and inclusive facilities like a Changing Places toilet, picnic area, prayer space and quiet room.

Esme Ward, Manchester Museum Director, said: “We are extending the building, making room for more joy and learning and evolving into the museum Manchester needs.


“Galleries and exhibitions will showcase the best of the museum’s historic collections, as well as addressing the urgencies of the present day.

“We can’t wait to reopen our doors.”

Feature image – Manchester Museum