Man’s hilarious Facebook post after buying pair of trainers from Cheetham Hill Road


From time to time, the internet will remind us how accurate the old proverb "you get what you pay for" actually is.  

Take Thursday, for example.

A member of the Mint Manchester Facebook group posted an image that showed the insole print of his locally-bought trainers had worn away... leaving the Adidas logo emblazoned on his foot.

"Last time I buy trainers from Cheetham Hill", he said.

Mint Manchester

Of course, the picture raised numerous questions with fellow members.

Many people wanted to know why the poster had gambled on buying trainers from Cheetham Hill in the first instance.

"Rather buy from del boy trotter (than) cheetham hill rd", said one.

But the burning issue among the comments was the fact he'd been in bare feet.

"Couldn't imagine wearing no socks with trainers anyways," commented a baffled user.

So, two lessons from this.

One: Never buy cheap trainers. Two: Always wear socks.

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