The Manc - Mum makes son a 'shopping officer' to make him behave in supermarkets"

Mum makes son a ‘shopping officer’ to make him behave in supermarkets

The Motherlode

Stomping. Shouting. Whinging.

These are just a few of the many, many reactions parents are forced to endure when they take their toddlers along to the supermarket.

But one mum seems to have found an ingenious way to stop her son from causing chaos during the big shop.

By turning her little one into a 'shopping officer' - complete with a clipboard and hi-vis vest - the savvy parent can now freely roam the aisles without having to worry about her child throwing tantrums or sending a display case toppling to the ground.

The Motherlode

Amanda Warburton shared images of her new trick to the Motherload Facebook group - which starred her 'little dude' in his element as he embraced his new role ticking off the shopping list.

The mother said: "My little dude is usually a royal pain in the butt when we go shopping, running off, shouting, just generally faffing about.

"So now I've made him the "Shopping Officer" after nursery told me that he enjoys being the Safety Officer there."

If your son or daughter turns into a menace from the moment they totter in through those automatic doors, perhaps this is a worth a try!

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