Nitrous oxide haul seized and man arrested on Parklife festival site

And before the festival had even started.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 8th June 2024

Before the gates to Parklife had even opened, a man had been arrested for carrying ‘significant quantities’ of drugs.

The man was found within the event site on Friday 7 June – a day before the festival actually started – with Nitrous Oxide.

The substance is now classified as a Class C drug.

Greater Manchester Police and Parklife security detained the ‘suspicious male’ shortly after 3pm yesterday.

The 34-year-old was arrested by police on suspicion of possession with intent to supply, and remains in custody while the investigation continues.


A photograph of the items seized by police shows a large number of canisters and a bag of balloons.

Parklife is working closely with GMP to tackle anti-social behaviour, crime and drug dealing in all its forms to ensure those attending the event are safe, and minimise disruption to local communities.


Superintendent Andy Sidebotham, who leads the Parklife policing operation this year, said: “We will work tirelessly this weekend – alongside event security and our partners – to prevent and tackle any criminality brought by a small number of people who attend the event or the local area.

“This is to help ensure that the majority of genuine festival-goers and residents have a safer and more enjoyable weekend.”

Parklife also put out a statement about Nitrous Oxide, writing: “Nitrous Oxide is now a Class C drug, making possession and use a criminal offence.


“For the sake of a few balloons, why risk not getting into Parklife?

“If you get a police record for drugs it could impact on your future employment, education and travel plans.”

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Featured image: GMP