Northern Quarter resident shares amazing video of Chanel dress rehearsal for Manchester show

Can't believe this is happening.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 7th December 2023

A woman who lives in one of the Northern Quarter flats near the Chanel fashion show has managed to spy on the dress rehearsal – and the video is pretty wild.

The world’s most famous fashion house has chosen Manchester for its prestigious Metiers d’art show, with some A-list celebrities jetting in for the occasion.

Already spotted around Manchester have been Kristen Stewart (outside the Stock Exchange Hotel) and Kim Kardashian at Old Trafford.

The Metiers d’art show takes place at exotic locations globally every year and Chanel uses it to showcase the incredible craftsmanship behind its clothing and accessories.

This year, it’s coming to Manchester – and not to one of our many event spaces, but to the streets.


That means there’ll be celebrities and high fashion models parading about in the Northern Quarter, strutting past the likes of Smithfield Social, Bay Horse Tavern, and Cane & Grain. WILD.

That also means that, try as they might, Chanel can’t stop a few people bagging a free ticket to see the action, including those who happen to live in this part of town.


All week, as the stage has been taking shape, loud music has been blasting across the area as Chanel’s technical run-throughs took place.

And now the models have touched down too.

Daria Figura, a local personal trainer, has posted a video of the view from her Northern Quarter apartment which really gives you an idea of the scale of the Chanel show.


She said: “For those that care, Chanel are doing a fashion show outside my flat. I mean… just watch.”

She then shoves her phone through a window and has captured a flood-lit Thomas Street, heated by patio heaters, with a row of models striding down the catwalk to Manc anthems.

Chanel has even taken over the walls in the Northern Quarter, painting a huge promotional poster on the building on the corner of High Street and Thomas Street.

It also looks like the usual beer garden seating is still in situ – maybe they are keeping it authentically Manc after all, and will have Kim Kardashian wedged in on a Bay Horse Tavern table that has ‘Lauren woz ‘ere 2019’ graffitied on it?!

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