The Manc - Photo of elderly woman in Asda goes viral after Coronavirus shopping chaos"

Photo of elderly lady in Asda goes viral after Coronavirus shopping chaos

Facebook/Ben Green

A photo of an elderly lady attempting to find items in a ransacked Asda in Greater Manchester has gone viral.

Thousands flocked to supermarkets today following the announcement that the Coronavirus had reached a level of pandemic in Britain.

Shelves in stores such as Asda, Tesco and Aldi across the UK were cleared of household essentials within hours as people panic bought in order to stock up at home.


Items such as pasta, beans, and toilet roll were practically non-existent in some of the bigger supermarkets with some aisles looking like ghost towns.

But calls for people to be more considerate have been echoed across social media – and a photo of an elderly lady posted to Facebook earlier has become a sobering embodiment of this sentiment.

Ben Green of Atherton uploaded the picture in question at 7pm today (Thursday 12 March), which shows an older woman reaching into a completely ransacked shelf in Asda.


His post reads: "Before all us young(ish), healthy(ish) people go out and buy EVERYTHING in the shops, consider the people most at risk."

In just two hours the photo has been shared over 100,000 times and has generated almost 3,000 comments – with the majority of them showing sympathy for the lady in the image.

Nathan King commented: "Shopping on state pension is hard enough for most elderly folk, but not having the option to purchase items within their means, not only forces them to live outside of it, it also makes it impossible.

"There’s simply no disposal income for bulk buying. Not to mention, if she doesn’t drive, she’s had to pay for a taxi, to arrive to a shop where’s there’s nothing left. It’s sole destroying."

Asda Eastlands Raided Following Corona Virus Pandemic

It's end times at Asda Eastlands tonight ??

Posted by The Manc on Thursday, March 12, 2020

While Clairie Bear wrote: "I am an NHS employee and I have, for the last five days, driven to all the shops in my local area for toilet roll.

"Can’t find any and I'm down to two rolls with my teenage son in my house too. A United country, when it comes down to it most are simply out for themselves, disgusting behaviour!"

Panic across the country is at an all time high at the moment, and while news continues to roll out over the outbreak, we should be taking measures in order to be prepared for the worst.


However, in times like these, it's important to remember tha there are people out there who find it practically impossible to prepare for these situations.

Remember, be kind.

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