Plans to ‘preserve and protect’ Manchester’s iconic Gay Village revealed

The Council wants to keep the "character and spirit" of the area alive for decades into the future.

Emily Sergeant Emily Sergeant - 27th March 2024

A plan of action intending to “preserve and protect” Manchester’s iconic Gay Village for years to come has been launched.

From being a haven and a sanctuary from discrimination, to a place of protest, the focal point of Manchester Pride celebrations, and so much more, Manchester’s Gay Village has been an essential safe space for members of the LGBTQ+ community who have made this city their home for several decades now.

The globally-recognised neighbourhood draws in tens of thousands of visitors each year, and there’s no doubt it’s truly one of the most welcoming and inclusive spaces in the city centre.

Which is why Manchester City Council says it’s keen to celebrate the role the area has played over the years.

And so, in a bid to do just that, an ‘action plan’ has been created to address how the character and spirit of the area can be maintained and preserved, as well as what improvements can be made to ensure the needs of the LGBTQ+ community are “at the heart” of everything that takes place down in the Village. 


The Council says it’s “intensely proud” of the Village’s reputation, both across the UK and throughout the rest of the world too, and it hopes to “enhance and promote” this reputation for years well into the future.

A range of proposals have already been identified to enhance the area, both in the short and long term, but on top of this, as part of the Council’s “commitment” to the Gay Village, several consultations have also taken place to better understand what the “priorities, desires, and needs” are for those who visit, live, and work there.


Collaboration will remain key during the roll-out of any changes, and action groups will be utilised to engage with all involved too, according to the Council.

So, what enhancement proposals are on the cards then?

Manchester City Council is keen to celebrate the role the area has played over the years / Credit: Manchester City Council

Well, according to the Council, these include the development of a neighbourhood management plan to bring improvements to the physical environment, the conducting of a CCTV audit to ensure coverage is being met, and plans to enhance relationships with Greater Manchester Police (GMP) to make sure residents and businesses are safe. 


Damaged trees in Canal Street will also be replaced, alongside the developing of an exciting new social history and heritage trail for the Village as a whole.

New opportunities for street art and murals will also be identified.

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You can find out more, and see the ‘Gay Village Action Plan’ in full on the Manchester City Council website here.

Featured Image – Tecmark Ltd (via Flickr)