Police shut down afternoon ‘sex party’ at brothel in Old Trafford

Seymour Grove / Google Street View

Greater Manchester Police have confirmed they discovered a sex party taking place at a brothel in Old Trafford over the weekend.

Officers visited the premises on Seymour Grove on Friday (4 September) at around 2.30pm, after receiving reports of a large gathering.

The party was promptly shut down.

Fixed penalty notices have since been issued, with police also questioning workers to determine they were in the premises voluntarily.

Trafford Council has been alerted with regards to the presence of the brothel operating in the area.

A statement on the official GMP Stretford Twitter account reads: “Reports of a large gathering at an address on Seymour Grove, OT over the weekend.

“Patrols arrive to find a brothel and a sex party in place!

“FPN’s [Fixed Penalty Notices] issued.

“Checks made to ensure staff weren’t there against their will and Trafford Council made aware re the use of premises!”

According to Lancs Live, a spokesperson for Trafford Council confirmed it had received a report from police and the council is now considering what steps to take.

Indoor gatherings are banned in certain regions, including Trafford, due to enhanced restrictions in the Greater Manchester area – as cases remain high.

Those found breaching rules can be fined £100.

For organising gatherings of more than 30 people, police have the power to distribute fines of up to £10,000.

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