The Manc - Pub bans customers who turn up with shoes on but no socks"

Pub bans customers who turn up with shoes on but no socks

The Dreadnought

An Edinburgh boozer has banned the wearing of shoes with no socks in an attempt to improve their punters' dress sense.

The Dreadnought Pub in Leith has put signs up all over their establishment to let people know that flashing ankle is prohibited – and they expressed their reasons for the new rule in a hilarious Facebook post.

The post reads: "We were accused of snobbishness last time but, frankly, they just make the place look scruffy.


"We do our best to keep the place looking reasonably smart. If the first you see when you walk in is a group of lads wearing matching grey marl jobby catchers, we may as well have installed a beaten up bus shelter in the corner and invited folk to take a slash against it.

"Just to prove our sartorial prejudices cross all boundaries, we’re also taking a stand against this horrendous current trend of half mast jeans, bare ankles and shoes.


"It may seem trivial but there was that 'jeans halfway down the arse' trend a few years ago and it went unchecked to the point that we had a lad sitting at the bar with his strides basically round his ankles, displaying a massive skidmark up the back of his threadbare shreddies.

"If you’re going to base your fashion choices on what the staff at Urban Outfitters were wearing, there’s a place created especially for you. It’s called Brewdog."


This isn't the first time the Dreadnought has made headlines, as back in May they introduced 'anti-theft pint glasses' by writing slogans on them such as ‘I’m voting UKIP’ and ‘I Stole this Glass from the Dreadnought because I’m a twat’.

Brilliant. I like this pub. A lot. A few Manchester boozers could do with adopting a couple of their rules...

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