Quarantined 5-year-old just wants people to send her photos of their dogs for her birthday

Kat Jayne/Pexels

If anything can get us through these dark times, it's photos and videos of dogs. 

Mercifully, the internet has these in abundance. And they're serving a wonderful purpose today.

One little girl forced into quarantine has had her birthday party cancelled as she holes up in her home with her parents. Not even her grandparents are able to visit.

But after her mother shared this story online, Twitter came to the rescue - with people from all over the world posting pics of their adorable pets.

Dr. Sara Lodge took to social media on Tuesday (17 March) to ask fellow users for doggy media in an attempt to lift the spirits of her daughter.

She wrote: "Twitter, I have a request. It’s my daughter, Rosie’s 5th birthday tomorrow. But my partner has a fever, so we have to self-quarantine for 2 weeks. Her party is cancelled and grandparents barred. Could you send her some pics of your dogs (or animals generally) to cheer her up?"

The response has been incredible.

50,000 comments are bulking out the thread - which has been shared more than 10,000 times across the platform.

It also contains some of the best videos of animals you'll ever see - including one video where someone has dubbed in a birthday message to create a talking pooch.

We hope this response has managed to successfully cheer up Rosie on her big day.

Happy birthday!

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