Salford Lads’ Club have launched a limited edition t-shirt to celebrate their 120th anniversary

All proceeds go straight back into supporting the historic club.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 1st February 2024

Salford Lads’ and Girls’ Club has just celebrated its 120th birthday and to mark the momentous occasion, the legendary Manc institution has released a limited edition t-shirt to raise funds for the historic building.

Starting back in 1903, Salford Lads’ Club has remained a cultural cornerstone in the local community for well over a century, providing young people with sport, regular activities and a recreational outlet as well as serving as a storied tourist attraction for several decades.

From serving as a practice space for The Hollies back in the ’60s and featuring as the backdrop to one of the most iconic images of The Smiths, to hosting the likes of John Cooper Clarke and Kristen Stewart ahead of Manchester’s famous Chanel show in 2023, these walls have seen all kinds of history.

With that in mind, the people who help run the Ordsall gem are making such that its legacy continues for another 120 years and beyond by selling off a limited number of these special shirts to pump funds directly back into the club.

This isn’t the first time they have teamed up with the local community for a foray into fashion, having put out a similarly sought-after collaboration kit with Salford City last year, as well an official Adidas Classics track jacket which has gone on to become a real collector’s item.


In all of these instances, one thing has remained the same: the profits go straight back into keeping the club alive and allowing Salfordians and Greater Mancunians to use the facilities, support other local organisations and charities, as well as further raise the profile of the already iconic club.

With more than 200 members still regularly attending, not to mention countless Manc music artists and even companies like Marks and Spencer embracing the rich Northern heritage, Salford Lads’ and Girls’ Club continues to stand as one of our region’s most important landmarks.


From its working-class roots and influence on the Manchester music scene to its significance in the city borough of Salford, specifically, it’s hard to overestimate just how important this location is to us Mancs — as tokens like this limited edition shirt and what comes with it just pays homage to.

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Available for the anniversary this year only, the shirts went on sale as of Wednesday, 31 January with each limited edition t-shirt costing just £25 from the club itself or online.

Better yet, not only does each purchase come with a commemorative card mirroring the first-ever print shown above — the first 100 coming numbered just like the originals — but all the money goes straight back into keeping the club not just running but thriving.


Funds go not only towards helping organise activities for young people each and every week but also towards the annual trip club camping trip which has been running since 1904. Incredible stuff.

This isn’t the only way Salford Lads’ and Girls’ Club is commemorating 120 wonderful years either, as they’ve also teamed up with local brewers Seven Brothers to create a special craft lager that you can also check out down below.

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Featured Images — Salford Lads Club (supplied)