The Manc - Someone from Preston is selling a slice of onion stuck in bread for £365,000"

Someone from Preston is selling a slice of onion stuck in bread for £365,000


The internet is a crazy, crazy place, where weird things happen. But Facebook Marketplace is the extreme epitome of this.

It's a place to buy and sell things you wouldn't usually flog at a car boot sale, or eBay for that matter, and it's become a hot bed for some very strange items at ridiculous prices.

Usually, this doesn't bother me, but one item in particular for some reason has been popping up in my 'recommended listings' section for months – so I gave in and clicked it.


Basically, somebody from Preston, the banter capital of the North, is selling a slice of onion stuck in a slice of bread, for £365,000 on Facebook Marketplace. Classic.

Profoundly titled 'Onion stuck in bread', the poster, who is called Bianca Serban, writes: "Enjoy this beautiful piece of art!"

Apparently, onion stuck in bread's condition is marked as 'Good', which is all you'd hope from a risky purchase like this one – especially with its hefty price tag.


It's not yet known whether anyone is interested in the piece of artwork, however with a banana duct-taped to a wall recently selling for $120,000 at Miami’s Art Basel art fair, anything is possible.

Although my gut tells me this isn't going to get as much traction as the duct-taped banana, which was famously eaten by David Datuna, an installation and performance artist from Georgia.


David peeled off the art piece from the wall and ate it while hundreds of stunned onlookers watched – but you'll be hard pressed to find anyone willing to yam a piece of heavily handled bread and onion from Preston.

This is what a civilisation in decline looks like – andI'm just adding fuel to the fire.

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