The Manc - Someone has spotted a bottle of Lenor 'crease releaser' in B&M"

Someone has spotted a bottle of Lenor ‘crease releaser’ in B&M

Amanda Jay

For those who hate creased clothes, but also hate ironing.

It’s a big day for the ironing haters amongst us, which let’s face it, is just about everyone isn’t it?

Posted in the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, one eagle-eyed shopper has spotted the urgent invention that is Lenor ‘Crease Releaser’.

The product, which comes in a spray bottle, claims to ‘remove creases in fabric’ presumably with just a few sprays and was found in a B&M Bargains store, although it hasn’t actually been confirmed which one, or where abouts in the country.


The best bit about it though is the price - it’s only £2.50.

How brilliant is that? Look, we told you it was a big day. We can hear uni students up and down the country cheering and breathing a sigh of relief from here.

We’ve done a bit of digging though and at the moment, we cannot seem to find the product listed on B&M’s website or anywhere else on the internet, so we’re just hoping we haven’t been played here. The shopper did also admit to being unsure “if this works”, so at this point, we’ll just have to take their word for it and marvel at its potential existence.

If you do happen to spot it next time you’re in B&M, do everyone a massive favour and let us know it’s real.

Just think about how many lives you could save, r kid.

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