Special edition PUMA x Man City x Madchester jersey leaks online

A special edition Madchester jersey in collaboration with Puma has leaked online and is rumoured to be part of a larger collection.

The Manc The Manc - 7th July 2021

A brand new Manchester City special edition shirt paying tribute to the days of the football terraces, basement raves and bucket hats has leaked online and is officially launching later this week, The Manc can reveal.

The new PUMA x Man City x Madchester collection pays tribute to the late 80s early 90s Manchester music scene that still reverberates today – echoing the cultural attitudes and aesthetics of Madchester – and was teased with posters that were splashed across Manchester city centre this week.

After some research, it seems that the new Madchester product range includes a custom, special edition jersey, which has been snapped up by JD Sports and will be part of a larger collection of items which have escaped the current leak thus far.

Inspired by the generation-defining indie-dance scene that put Manchester on the map and took the world by storm, it’s clear that the collection reflects the city’s cultural attitude and aesthetics of that time.

Much as it does today, Manchester’s thriving music scene served as an inclusive melting pot that attracted followers from far and wide. A 24 hour party, celebrating what makes Manchester the greatest City on the planet – the people that embrace it.


The shirts, which are donned with a melting smiley face (a nod to the famous Sweat It Out warehouse raves that started the Madchester era) appear to celebrate the history of Manchester’s independent music scene, with the number 89 on the back representing one of the most iconic year’s in our city’s cultural history.

The product range is rumoured to include the custom PUMA x Man City x Madchester Graphic Jersey, Graphic and Logo Tees, as well as Crews, Hoodies, Jacket, Shorts and Pants.

The collection will be available from July 8, in JD Sports, via the Man City shop and