Tributes and donations flood in for Star & Garter landlord Andy Martin after his sudden death

Unspeakably tragic for his family and for Manchester.

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 1st April 2024

A fundraiser that was set up for the family of Star & Garter landlord Andy Martin has smashed through its target, just days after his sudden death.

Andy was a familiar face to most of us in Manchester thanks to his incredible work at the iconic pub, The Star & Garter, in the city centre.

He helped to launch careers of countless new bands, artists and DJs, hosting some of the city’s best music nights over the decades he worked there.

The pub, which also starred in hit series Brassic and It’s A Sin, is widely considered to be one of Manchester’s best venues.

And as its landlord, Andy ran the Star & Garter with the philosophy that ‘a good night at the pub was worth much more than money’.


His business, the tribute page said, was about ‘making people happy’.

Andy died on Friday 29 March just days after he was admitted to hospital with a suspected stroke, at the age of just 52.

A mural of Ian Curtis on the side of the Star & Garter in Manchester - its landlord Andy Martin has recently died. Credit: The Manc Group
A mural of Ian Curtis on the side of the Star & Garter in Manchester – its landlord Andy Martin has recently died. Credit: The Manc Group

He had been suffering with an ear infection, which had developed into sepsis and caused encephalitis and meningitis. Andy had been left with ‘unrecoverable swelling on the brain’ and tragically died four days later.

A JustGiving page has now been set up to raise enough money to cover the cost of his funeral and to support his wife Helen and his two young daughters Jasmine, 5, and Georgina, 3.

And with such an outpouring of support from the well-known figure, the £7,000 target has already been exceeded by more than £1,000 thanks to the generous donations of hundreds of people.


Andy’s wife Helen first shared the news of his death on Friday afternoon, posting on The Star & Garter’s Facebook page: “I’m devastated to be sharing the news that our licensee Andy Martin died today after a very short illness.

“He leaves behind Jasmine (5) and Georgina (3). We are all obviously in bits and I know that so many of you will feel this loss too.

“He was a wonderful dad, husband, brother, son and friend and this has left an unfillable hole in all our lives. Helen (Andy’s wife) x.”

A statement shared alongside the JustGiving page added: “This is not an easy ask; the brutal shock of this tragedy has left Andy’s wife and family bereft, heavy with grief and in the unfortunate position of having to ask for not just emotional understanding but financial support at this difficult time.

“If Andy’s life enriched yours in any way, please contribute to his funeral. Anything you can give, big or small would be gratefully received.


“Please share this link so that it can reach the thousands of people that knew of the star that was Andy, and allow the world to return the love and joy that he gave to so many at his pub.”

Paying tribute to him, it also said: “Andy was extremely well loved and his influence was wide-reaching. There are many bands he helped to catapult, many artists, DJs and club nights where he was pivotal to their success.

“He was a wonderful husband, doting dad, beloved uncle, cherished son and loyal friend.

“He fought tooth and nail to keep the Star and Garter open, endlessly debating and ultimately winning the battle with the Goliath that is Network Rail. Having kept the pub open, he kept the prices low so that everyone could enjoy their night there, no matter their budget.

“Andy always felt a person feeling they’d had a good night at the pub was worth much more than money: his passion, his business, was the business of making people happy.


“Andy was also a great storyteller with a fireside warmth and brutally funny cheek that could catch you unawares. His sharp one liners and outlook on situations meant a conversation with him would undoubtedly end in tears of laughter.

“He was a fundamentally good person with depth, quietly keeping an eye on many and reaching out to check they were okay. He had a Half Man Half Biscuit lyric for every situation, and no doubt he’d claim this one as ‘National Shite Day’.”

Andy died just over a year after the death of the Star & Garter’s well-loved bouncer Ian ‘Strawboss’ Garner.

You can donate to the JustGiving page for the Star & Garter’s Andy Martin here.

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