Stockport teacher filmed ‘throwing student to the floor’ after being kicked out of his lesson

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 28th March 2023

A teacher at a school in Stockport appears to have been recorded throwing a student to the floor after kicking the child out of his lesson.

In the clip that began circulating on social media last week, a pupil from Harrytown Catholic High School can be seen being escorted out of a classroom by a teacher whose identity is yet to be released.

After an inaudible conversation takes place in the doorway as the student presumably tries to remain in the room, the teacher can then be seen grabbing the young student and pushing him out of the doorway.

Following a slight struggle, the teacher then seemingly pushes the child again, at which point he appears to fall to the ground and the video cuts out. The caption reads: “This is how teachers at Harrytown Stockport treat their pupils. Justice for Oliver”.

Credit: samhaddington79 (via TikTok)

At this stage, it still remains unclear whether Oliver (whose age is yet to be confirmed) was intentionally thrown to the floor or simply fell following the momentum from the push.


Either way, it doesn’t look good and obviously hasn’t gone down well with students or their guardians

Harrytown is a secondary school in the Stockport village of Romiley, teaching children aged from 11-16, and was awarded ‘Good’ by Ofsted in its most recent rating. However, many parents now have found themselves in the comments slamming the institution.


One mother claimed that “a teacher pushed my child in that school, they denied it [and] my kids been out of school since”, with another alleging that “the girl that videoed it got excluded for 5 days”, adding that they went on to send it to Manchester Evening News.

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Speaking of the MEN, as per a statement issued to the outlet, Interim Director of Children’s Services and Director of Education for Stockport Tim Bowman said: “We are aware of an incident that took place at the school and we are following all appropriate due processes. We cannot comment further at this time.”

As for the school itself, they also insist that they are aware of the video and are now investigating the situation but cannot provide any further information either.


Oliver’s family are also yet to issue any form of comment following the incident.

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Featured Image — samhaddington79 (via TikTok)