The Manc - The funniest tweets from people in self-isolation"

The funniest tweets from people in self-isolation


In such trying times, at least we can still have a laugh.

Given such serious and unprecedented circumstances, it can feel somewhat wrong to make light of a situation, but even during the trying times we are currently in, we all need a laugh sometimes.

Maybe now more so than ever, humour can be a source of relief.

To make the best of a bad situation, Twitter Marketing UK recently compiled and shared a thread of some of the best tweets from social distancers and self-isolaters across the world and we thought they were just too good not to share with you.

There's sure to be many more funny tweets popping up over the coming weeks as it looks as though the topic of coronavirus (COVID-19) is not going anywhere any time soon, so here's some of the best tweets for now at least.


1. "let's circle back"

We'll all get off topic in a conversation sometimes don't we? We're not all 'circle back' people though and that's the difference here.

2. No office relationships

To be fair, can you imagine how awkward that would be?

3. The littlest co-workers

They're always up to something, aren't they? It's just a good job there's no HR.

4. Zoom meetings

Is this the hack we've all been crying out for?

5. The lover of a list

Some people are just list people and that's that on that.

6. It's one or the other

Or in fact, is it possible to be both? Yes, yes it is.

7. We're in this together

No one should feel fully alone during self-isolation.

8. Coronavirus buddies

People are out here making friends and not even a global pandemic can stop them.

9. Kids and dogs

Okay so this one's not particularly funny, but it's wholesome and we all need it right now.


Hang in there everyone and don't forget to smile!

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