The haunted house from The Conjuring is being live-streamed for a full week

The Dark Zone

If you're tired of feeling like you're living in "28 Days Later", there's an option to switch to different horror surroundings instead. 

How does stepping into The Conjuring sound?

On Friday 8 May, you can visit the very same haunted house that scared audiences senseless when James Wan's movie was release in 2013.

The Dark Zone - a website passionate about the paranormal - will be live streaming the property 24/7 for a full week.

A trailer for "The House Live" appeared on YouTube in April, accompanied by the description: “The world is on lockdown and so is the family living in the house that inspired The Conjuring.”

“Watch as the Heinzen Family shows you how they live amongst the spirits while toughing out this worldwide pandemic.”

The Heinzen family moved into the creepy property over 12 months ago and have claimed to experience strange activity ever since.

As part of a huge paranormal investigation, The House Live will feature seances, ouija board sessions, investigations and paranormal tests taking place throughout the week - along with a raft of interviews with experts and celebrities.

If you spot any ghostly activity yourself, you can tell the family in real time, too.

Jorge Figueroa/Flickr

A 24-hour pass to The House Live will cost $4.99, or a full access ticket can be purchased for $19.99.

Some of the proceeds are being donated to COVID-related charities.

There's been a lot of interest and the website is currently down due to high demand... or perhaps the spirits don't like the thought of being watched?

Either way, keep checking The Dark Zone homepage to be in with a chance of grabbing a front row seat to this live ghost show.

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