The local brewery delivering beer to your doorstep in less than 3 hours

ShinDigger Brewing Company

Manchester-based brewery ShinDigger have found a smart way to survive during the current climate. 

The popular local lager has traditionally been found in bars and restaurants across the city and beyond, but with isolation restrictions now in effect, the brand have been forced to flip their business model on its head.

Whilst hospitality sector lies dormant, ShinDigger have switched their focus to home delivery - committed to putting ice-cold cans on doorsteps at lightning speed.

More often than not, it takes less than three hours for beer to arrive.

Within one week of morphing from keg supplier to can delivery group, ShinDigger have managed to average 100+ orders per day - with four drivers on the road at any one time.

ShinDigger co-founder, George Grant, says: “We’ve had to adapt in order to survive.

"85% of the beer we produce is packaged into kegs and sold to bars – a market that no longer exists. We transformed our entire business model into a delivery service in just three days.

"We’re like a mini beer Deliveroo now!

"The new delivery service is keeping the cash coming in - it’s like oxygen into our business and means we can continue to pay the team full wages.”

ShinDigger Brewing Company

ShinDigger have enjoyed success in their new guise for two simple reasons.

First, their beer is delicious. And second, they've made the delivery service quick and easy to use - not to mention reliable.

All orders can be placed online and are confirmed via text with a beer ETA.

Deliveries can be tracked by GPS and are exclusively zero contact - with drivers placing beer on the doorstep, ringing the bell and stepping back to ensure the cans are collected safely.

A 15% discount also applies to any orders over £75 - and there are as many as eight different flavours to choose from.

There's a good chance ShinDigger will go down in history as local heroes. We'll come to regard them as the brave fourth emergency service; the people who provided the beer we needed to get through the God-awful lockdown of 2020.

But that's a while away. We've got a few weeks, or perhaps months, until this quarantine is over. So, it's time to get some cans in.

Head over to ShinDigger's brand new website to place your order today:



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