The lowdown on Brexit: When is it happening and what will happen?

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You'd be forgiven for being bored of Brexit. 

Britain's departure from the European Union might be one of the most momentous political shifts in recent history, but the protracted process has left many feeling numb to the latest news on the matter.

It's reached a point where people are approaching the subject with the same tired outlook as a work project circa 5pm on a Friday - a 'just get it done so we can all stop talking about it and go home now' sort of attitude.

But, alas, we're nearly there. Apparently.

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Boris Johnson's Brexit bill has been given the thumbs-up from Parliament, so - in theory - we'll be packing up and waving the EU goodbye in around a week's time.

The Queen is expected to give the bill royal assent - rendering it law - within the next few days.

EU Parliament will also want to take a peek at Boris' bill to make sure everything's in order, and they'll be casting a vote on 29 January.

The Prime Minister himself has admitted the ordeal has nothing short of a slog, commenting: "At times it felt like we would never cross the Brexit finish line, but we’ve done it."

Provided there are no further bumps in the road, the UK will be officially out of the EU on 31 January.

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But that doesn't mean the Brexit talk will stop. There's still the tiny matter of sorting a trade deal.

Boris has got all year to make the necessary arrangements - with a deadline of 31 December. If the UK and EU can't agree by this date, Britain comes out of the transition period without a deal.

So, yeah. If you thought the Brexit natter would stop once we got out the EU, you're going to be disappointed. Leaving is just the start.

There's still plenty more Brexit bickering, confusion and fallout on the horizon yet.

Exciting, eh?

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