The lyrid meteor shower is about to hit its peak and you don’t want to miss it


If you're an early bird by nature, you could be in for a real treat on Wednesday.

Late sleepers might want to haul themselves out of bed before the crack of dawn mid-week, too.

22 April is the morning that the lyrid meteor showers will be arriving overhead in all their glory - with experts suggesting the 'peak' (i.e. best view) will occur after midnight and before sunrise.

Thanks to a new moon, we could potentially be in for an amazing display.

Islam Hassan/Flickr

One of the oldest meteor showers known to man, the lyrids have been soaring through skies above gawping humans for centuries - with references to these meteors made by the Chinese more than 2,500 years ago.

The shooting stars are visible every April - and you might be able to catch the first glimpses this evening (Monday 20 April) after the clock strikes twelve.

Location will also play a role in what sort of view you get - with those in rural areas enjoying a clearer visual path due to less light pollution (street lamps etc).


With a bit of a luck, you may be able to catch as many as 10 to 15 meteors zipping through the dark sky above every hour.

Set your alarm and get your camera ready...

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