The North West now has the lowest R number and growth rate percentage in England

Mark Waugh

It has been confirmed that the North West region now has the lowest R number and growth rate percentage per day in the country.

This is according to the figures last updated on Friday 20 November 2020.

Figures show that the North West is currently recording an R number of 0.8-1.0, and a growth rate percentage per day of -3 to 0, which appears to be measurably lower than the next lowest regions of London and the Midlands, and also lower than the overall national average for England.

England’s overall R number is currently between 1.0-1.1, and the growth rate percentage per day is 0 to +2.

An R number between 1.0 and 1.1 means that on average in England, every 10 people infected will infect between 10 and 11 other people, and a growth rate between 0% and +2% means the number of new infections is growing by 0% to 2% every day.

The highest R number and growth rate percentage is currently recorded in the South East region.

The UK government and SAGE has stated that each of these regional estimates actually represent the transmission of COVID-19 over the past few weeks, as this is due to the time delay between someone being infected, having symptoms and needing healthcare.

Estimates for R and growth rates are shown as a range, and the true values are likely to lie within this range.

According to the website, “the UK estimates of R and growth rate are averages over very different epidemiological situations and should be regarded as a guide to the general trend rather than a description of the epidemic state.

“Given the increasingly localised approach to managing the epidemic, particularly between nations, UK level estimates are less meaningful than previously.”

Further detailed information on R numbers and growth rate percentages can be found here.


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