The Run for Heroes campaign has raised over £1 million and has now set a new target

Run for Heroes

It's the latest campaign taking over social media and it's raising vital funds.

Since the start of lockdown and with the necessary government guidelines put in place, the UK has become a nation of runners. To coincide perfectly with this, the Run for Heroes campaign has also been gaining much popularity on social media.

The campaign, which sees members of the public run 5k and then donate £5, has been raising vital funds for NHS charities.

Run for Heroes was founded and launched by 27-year-old Olivia Strong, from Edinburgh.

According to the official Virgin Money fundraising page for the campaign, this challenge can be completed either outdoors or indoors and you don't have to worry if you cannot manage the 5k either - just run what you can.

Run for Heroes

So, where does the money go to?

Well, it goes toward a number of causes within the NHS Charities Together initiative, which is to "support the welfare and the wellbeing of NHS staff as they fight COVID-19" and these include:

  1. Funding well-being packs for staff and volunteers on wards/departments.
  2. Cost of travel, parking, accommodation for NHS staff and volunteers expenses.
  3. Other items as requested by NHS Charities that enhance the well-being of NHS staff and volunteers caring for COVID-19 patients.


You've likely heard the campaign name, or seen the hashtag #RunForHeroes doing the rounds over the last few weeks, whether that be from celebrities such as Ellie Goulding, John Terry and Nick Grimshaw, or even from you're own mates.

You may have even been tagged to take part in the challenge yourself, as a huge part of the campaign involves nominating five others to take the 'baton' from you and do their bit too.

Run for Heroes raised over £1 million yesterday, so now, a new target has been set.

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1 MILLION POUNDS 🎉 🎉 🎉 Over 200,000 runners taking part, in over 10 countries, running over a million kilometres, raising over A MILLION POUNDS FOR THE NHS🤩 Your love & support has raised money to go towards well being packs, accommodation & travel for NHS workers & volunteers, provide longer term mental health support for staff and families effected and help patients leave hospital quickly & safely 💫 You’re all superstars & should feel very proud of what you’ve achieved. We’ve heard many stories from all across the globe ~ from keen runners, to those who’ve never run before, but that have come together for this cause. It’s been so heart felt to see and a shining light in these otherwise dark times 💕 Thank you again, from us all 🤚 you’ve got us all teary eyed 😩 Ps. What’s our next target? Artwork: @ivp_studios

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Believe it or not, the initial target for the campaign was just £5k, but after raising that in just four days and hitting the £1 million mark, the target has now been upped to £2 million.

It's really not that far off smashing this number either. In fact, it's 88% of the way there.

This is a truly incredible achievement by all involved and a genuinely good way to feel like you're making a difference, as well as showing support for those fighting on the frontline.

You can find out more information and keep up to date with the progress of Run for Heroes here.

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