There’s a new way to Netflix and chill with friends during self-isolation


As the UK prepares to go into hibernation, we're left facing the daunting prospect of being unable to watch movies with friends and family for weeks.

But, as it turns out, Netflix and chill doesn't have to become a strangely lonesome activity after all.

Thankfully, there are ways to stream media together as a group - even during isolation.

A special app called "Netflix Party" has been designed to synchronise video playback across multiple devices - letting you binge TV series with your loved ones despite being located miles away.


Netflix Party runs as an extension on Google Chrome - linking up the streams so they run together at the same time.

There's also a group chat function available to share your thoughts about what's happening on screen.

To install the feature, simply head over to the Google Chrome Store.

Google Chrome

Once downloaded, you can open Netflix, select any show, click the "NP" button and start sharing the link with your friends.

So, at least there's silver lining to all this madness. Long-distance movie nights are officially a thing.

Happy and healthy hibernating, everyone.

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