This device could be the end of your partner’s snoring


Want to stop snoring? You just need a little shock…

At least, that’s what the designers of the Somnibel are arguing.

Studies show that most snorers begin wheezing and grumbling when they lie in a 'bad' position - and this nifty gadget is designed to stop that from happening.


The Somnibel attaches your forehead and gently buzzes when you move onto your back, encouraging you to adjust your sleep position.

If you prefer to fall asleep staring at the ceiling, you can - as the Sominbel will deliberately wait fifteen minutes to kick in, meaning you'll roll over when you're out for the count.

Every product comes with a sleep position trainer, USB charger, 30 fastening adhesives and user's manual.


If your poor partner spends more time slapping you during the night than sleeping, it might be time to grab one of these…

You can read more about the Somnibell here.

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