The Manc - This new app is breathing fresh life into independent boozers across Manchester"

This new app is breathing fresh life into independent boozers across Manchester

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Over 20 bars close every week in the UK.

And it isn't the big chains despondently hanging the "out of business" signs on their front doors. It's the independents.

Beer duty, VAT and business rates are all being blamed for boozers shutting up shop, but one of the main factors appears to be the ever-rising price of the average pint.

The thing is, family-run establishments are caught between a rock and a hard place. They can't survive serving cheap beer if there's no footfall, but there might not be any footfall if the drink isn't cheap.

They need support.

And that's where The BarCode comes in. This app is a way for smaller bars to earn greater exposure - informing customers about the best spots to go on a night out and collaborating with venues to push attractive promotions.


A spokesperson for The BarCode said: "We set up The BarCode to support those pubs and give them a platform to reach an active and engaged audience - a publicans digital chalkboard in marketing spiel.

"We hope to help level the playing field with the big chains and Brew Co's.

"The independently-run pub is unique and something that should be cherished and protected. We want pub lovers of all kinds to join The BarCode, not only to benefit from all of the in house perks, but also support the venues we love.

"We chose Manchester because we see it as the spiritual home of the independent nightlife scene. The BarCode was set up to support independent places doing something unique with a focus on quality and having a great time.

"Manchester sums up that ethos, it is hands down one of the coolest cities this country has."


TheBarcode already has footing in London and Birmingham and has struck deals with a number of venues in Manchester ahead of its local launch.

These include: Crazy Pedros, Liars Club, Arcane, Bay Horse Tavern, Cane & Grain, Vesper, 7 Sins, Guilty by Association, Lost in Tokyo, The Whiskey Jar, El Capo, Club House and Number 8.

To get your hands on some amazing offers and keep your favourite bars thriving, download The BarCode app from the App Store or Google Play.

For more information on how the app works, visit their website.

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