WhatsApp is down and people are not happy


WhatsApp is down and people are not happy.

Thousands of people have taken to social media to complain about WhatsApp not working this afternoon as users around the world struggle to send videos and photos on the popular chat platform.

People in Europe have been affected the most, however the issue also extends to parts of Asia and South America.

It's the latest in a series of recent outages for the app, with one of those coming in March last year which left users without a working WhatsApp for the whole day.

More than 500 million people use the app every single day and many have taken out their frustrations an social media.

According to some users, photos are working again at the time of writing this, however plenty of people are still struggling to send them.

It's reported that videos, GIFs and stickers are still impossible to send.

I checked out the WhatsApp status Twitter account, but it hasn't been used since 2014, with the latest tweet being about an outage in 2014. Classic.

A report earlier this month revealed that WhatsApp is the platform that goes down the most when compared to the most popular internet platforms.

There's no word on what is causing the issues or when things will be back to normal.

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