You can now buy a book where you colour in cat bums


Can you ever love a cat too much?

I think this colouring book confirms that you definitely can.

"Cat Butts: A Coloring Book" is exactly what it says on the tin. And whilst that title might be a deterrent to many, it's apparently very appealing to others - with an average rating of 4.7 from over 300 reviews on Amazon.

Author and illustrator Val Brains (who is surely the leader in cat butt knowledge with several books about feline rumps) - has proven something with this creation: People love everything about cats.



"Cat Butts: A Colouring Book" contains pages and pages of pusses raising their posteriors and peering out at the reader expectedly - as if inviting them to start colouring the rectum.

It's weird, wacky, funny and a little disturbing all at the same time.

Quite a feat.

So, if you want to spend your free time scribbling on cat arses, or know someone who might, you can get your copy on Amazon.

Good luck in life.

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