You can now get an office-tent so you can work from home in comfort
Some people are perfectly suited to working at home. They get up at a normal time, work out, take a seat and crack on as if they were in the office.  But there are many of us who just can't seem to do it. Even on the good days on when the snooze button isn't pushed and you're at your desk nice and early, productivity is always on the low side. Those who have a hard time home-working are usually the kinds of people who are easily distracted. But a unique device from Japan has been designed to help the restless gain some renewed focus. Spotted on VT - this is the office tent.

Big enough to fit your office essentials inside but compact enough to sit indoors, this office tent eliminates distractions by cutting off your peripheral vision and ensuring your concentration remains laser-focused on the screen in front of you.

It also diminishes noise from outdoors, offering maximum privacy and helping you get more done during the day.

The flatpack design means it can be tucked away easily on weekends, too.

According to VT, the office tent costs about £70 - but will require shipping from Japan.

Think it might be your kind of thing? Get your hands on one here.

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