You can now get customised bedding with your best mate’s face printed on


If there's someone you're missing in lockdown right now, then how about getting a personalised duvet set with their face printed all over?

Whether it's for your best mate, the partner you're self-isolating separately from, or the family member you've not seen in ages.

This is the perfect way to make sure you don't forget what they look like.

On the flip side too, you could even get one with your face on instead to give to them. Now, they may not have necessarily asked for it or anything, but it'd make a pretty perfect gift to remember you by nonetheless.

These customised duvet cover sets are available from online gift website Shelfie's and according to the product description on its website, "you're spending half your life sleeping (or more), so do yourself and your bed a favour and make it extra special".

Customising takes no time at all as all you need to do is upload your chosen image, then let Shelfies "do all the design magic" and take care of the rest. Within just 48-72 hours, you'll be sent a digital preview of your duvet cover and will be able to make any changes that you'd wish to it before it's sent off for final printing.

The picture design is printed all-over in "extremely high resolution" and is also guaranteed to never peel or fade when washed.

These customised duvet covers are available in twin, queen and king sizes, retail from £97.37 (size dependent) and you can get started on creating your very own set right here.


If that's a little too much on the pricey side, or perhaps pillows and duvet covers just don't quite fit your brief in general, then how about a personalised hooded blanket instead?

Online gift store Bluecrate, known for "putting faces on everything [it] can", lets you customise hooded blankets with your favourite picture and it's the perfect item to cosy up with. Made with "double-layered, fleecey goodness" and an extra fluffy inside, it means you can be cocooned head-to-toe and also be reminded of the one you miss at the same time.

It's really easy to customise as well.

All you need to do is upload the picture of your choice to the website, just make sure it's clear and front facing, and then Bluecrate's artists will "scatter your picture all over your blanket".

These hooded blankets retail at £59.99, take up to 7-10 days to manufacture (due to personalising), will be delivered to the UK in 1-3 days and you can purchase it here.


That's not all either.

From loungewear and accessories, to gifts galore for every occasion, if you fancy having a browse at the rest of what's on offer, then you can do so on the Shelfies and Bluecrate websites.

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