You can now get Jay from The Inbetweeners to send insults to your mates

Your jibes are probably like water off a duck's back at this point... but Jay hurling abuse down the camera lens will pack more of a punch.

The Manc The Manc - 19th June 2020
Channel 4

In any tight group of mates, taking the piss out of one another is just part of the deal.

No show portrayed this juvenile back-and-forth between true friends better than The Inbetweeners – which featured 18 episodes (and two movies) packed with crude, puerile put-downs.

The most profane character, without question, was the compulsive liar Jay (we all know someone like him) – which makes him the perfect person to lend a hand when it comes to winding up your pals.

As it turns out, actor James Buckley says he’s willing to get into character and shout BUS W*NKER at your buddy in exchange for forty quid.

Channel 4

The 32-year-old comedian is available to book via Cameo – a service that lets people pass on personalised messages to others via celebs.


With your closest pal, you’ve probably reached a point where your jibes are like water off a duck’s back by now… but Jay hurling abuse down the camera lens has the potential to pack a bit more of a punch.

Head over to Cameo to learn more.