You can now get joggers and pj’s with your dogs face all over them


Loungewear is undoubtedly the star of lockdown and the life of working from home, but surely it can’t get any better than this?

We’ve gone from being able to get matching human and dog loungewear sets, to now being able to get our dog’s face actually printed onto the loungewear itself.

The answer is no, it just can’t get any better than this.

Dogsy, the home of unique dog gifts that’s “made by dog lovers, for dog lovers”, is letting you print a picture of your dog onto jumpers, tracksuit bottoms, matching pyjama sets and more. All you need to do is choose your preferred gift from the website, upload a picture of your furry friend (you can upload more than one picture) and let Dogsy “take care of the rest”.

That very same picture will then be printed directly onto the garments and it's as simple as that.


There’s a range of styles, colours and sizes available for both men and women, with prices ranging anywhere from £20 - £50, depending on your choice of loungewear.

Loungewear and PJs isn’t the only thing you can get customised though either.

From socks, aprons, key chains and various other accessories, to pillows, duvet sets and even cushions, you name it, Dogsy will probably let you print a picture of your pal on it and it’s just amazing.

Are you after the perfect lockdown gift for a dog lover? Or just fancy treating yourself to some new comfy clothes whilst all this madness is going on?

Have a look at the range of unique gifts on Dogsy here.

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