You can now get your best mate’s face turned into a temporary tattoo

Etsy / lilimandrill

Just in case you forget what they look like during lockdown.

Now that we are into our fifth week of UK lockdown amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, many of us are facing the realisation that we haven't seen our friends in a pretty long time. For some of us, this may be the longest time gone without face-to-face with their pals.

To make it even worse, with no real or concrete evidence to suggest when the world will be resuming normality either, who knows when we'll next see them?

Yes, we're lucky to be in a world of technology and in the age of the video call, but if you're looking for a more constant reminder of their face, then here's a more unique alternative.

You can now get a picture of your best friend's face turned into a temporary tattoo.

Etsy shop lilimandrill, based in France, has been successfully selling on the platform since 2008 and is the "best place for a custom hand drawn portrait that REALLY looks like you, your couple, your family, your BFF, your bridesmaids, your pets [etc]".

Etsy / lilimandrill

Of course, it doesn't just have to be your best friend's face that you turn into a tattoo either. It can be a partner, a family member, a pet or anyone else that you find yourself missing at the moment.

It can also be to mark different occasions too and you can get multiple faces turned into one tattoo.

Depending on the intricacies of design and the number of text characters, these tattoos retail at around £58 - £75 and whilst that may sound a little on the pricier side for just a temporary tattoo, the number of recent positive reviews really speak for themselves.

There's plenty of satisfied customers and the seller is rated an impressive 5* as well.

If this sounds like just the reminder you need right now, then you can get yourself a personalised temporary tattoo from the lilimandrill Esty shop here.

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