Young drug-driver illegally uses dad’s car for Bolton date and lies to police that he’s 60 years old

A 23-year-old who took his dad’s car for a late night date on Bolton’s countryside roads tried to tell police he was 60 after being caught under driving the influence with no insurance.

The youngster had borrowed his father’s vehicle to pick up a date and head to Scout Road – which offers impressive views of surrounding villages especially at nighttime.

However, the setting wasn’t quite as private and secluded as the driver might have hoped.

Police turned up – and then the date turned disastrous.

Officers determined that the driver had been using cannabis whilst behind the wheel of a car that he wasn’t insured to use, but the youngster tried his luck anyway – telling police he was in fact 60 years old.

He was then arrested and the car was seized.

The GMP Bolton North Twitter account posted the story online at 3:46am on October 1.

“If you’re planning a romantic night out on Scout Rd, it’s probably best if you’re not under the influence of Cannabis, be in your dads car that you have no insurance for and definitely don’t say you are 60 when you are actually 23.

“Arrested & (dads) car seized.”

As far as dates go, that’s probably up there with some of the worst imaginable.

The father will also have to pay around £100 recovery fee to get the car back, on top of £25 a day for storage.

“Owner can have it back the same day if they come & provide insurance / details etc.” confirmed police.

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