The Manc - Iceland launch turkey dinner filled giant Yorkshire pudding"

Iceland launch turkey dinner filled giant Yorkshire pudding

Adcro/Wikimedia Commons

Iceland know what Northerners really want this Christmas.

More Yorkshire puds. Less time in the kitchen. Simple as that.

The supermarket has responded by taking a traditional turkey dinner and wrapping it up inside a giant Yorkshire pudding.


Iceland’s invention packs festive meat and all the trimmings inside a big, puffy pastry - meaning you can savour batter with every single bite.

All the key ingredients in a classic Christmas dinner are intact, including turkey, potatoes, stuffing, carrots, peas, Brussel sprouts and gravy.

Cooking time is just six minutes. Or in other words, about three hours and fifty-four minutes less than it usually takes to get lunch ready on Christmas Day.


But this isn't the only wacky Christmas creation Iceland has come up with this year.

The supermarket has also baked a limited-edition Festive Pie with turkey, sprouts, cranberries, smoked bacon, onions, peas, carrots, stuffing and a pig in a blanket below a buttery crust ceiling.

As for prices? As to be expected with Iceland, they’re low.

The Turkey Dinner Filled Yorkshire Pudding is £2.29, whilst the Festive Pie will put you £1.50 out of pocket.

Visit the Iceland website to see the frozen specialists’ Christmas range in full.

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