The Manc - These heated mouse pads keep your hands warm when it's cold out"

These heated mouse pads keep your hands warm when it’s cold out


Attempting to navigate your computer mouse in winter can be a tricky task. 

When temperatures dip inside the office, you'll find your hand frequently retreating from the desk and wrapping itself around your cup of tea instead in an attempt to get warm.

There's been no obvious solution to this first world problem in sight for many years.

Until now.

Over at Amazon, there's heated mouse mats for sale that function as a fluffy igloo for your fingers.


These snazzy little gadgets are available in several colours and can be charged via USB to keep your hand toasty, with the 28.5cm x 22cm x 6cm ensuring plenty of room for manoeuvre.



If you're tired of having to rub your hands together and blow hot air into your palms to stay productive in winter, these curious little products could be the answer.

Head over to Amazon to learn more.


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