The Manc - You can now buy a boozy version of Uno "

You can now buy a boozy version of Uno

Spriinkle Me Piink

The childhood favourite card game, but just for adults.

Popular gift company ‘Spriinkle Me Piink’ is selling an Uno drinking game called ‘Drunk Uno’ and we’re sold. It’s basically Uno, but with shots.

Game changer, right? Pre-drinks will never be the same from now on.

The multi-player card game has been a childhood favourite for many over the years and it’s seen somewhat of a resurgence in recent times too.

Spriinkle Me Piink

If you’re familiar with the rules of the regular Uno, then the drunken version won’t seem too different, but the catch of course is shots and the winner gets to choose another player to take three forfeit shots.

Here's the rules:

• Draw 2 - one shot
• Draw 4 - two shots
• Reverse - the person who gets reversed takes two shots
• Skip - person skipped takes a shot
• False Uno - three shots

The set includes one box of Uno cards, one laminated rule card, six customised Uno shot glasses and one customised ‘Drunk Uno’ carrying box, personalised with your name.

This new twist on the popular card game is described as “great gift, great for ladies night, game night or just a chill weekend at home” and additional Uno branded shot glasses are also available for purchase too if you’re planning on making it an extra messy one.

For just £20.39, you can get your hands on ‘Drunk Uno’ from Spriinkle Me Piink’s Etsy shop.

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