The Manc - You can now buy Lotus biscuits covered in chocolate"

You can now buy Lotus biscuits covered in chocolate


Lotus Biscoff has taken the world by storm in the last few years after Gen Y discovered its existence in nana's cupboards around the country.

And as if it needed to get any better – it now comes covered in Belgian chocolate.

Basically, it's a Biscoff biscuit covered in chocolate and you can grab them at Asda, Sainsbury's and Poundland.


They are on shelves across the UK and in each box you’ll get seven small packs, with each pack containing three biscuits. Basically, you’re getting 21 Lotus Biscoff for £1.

Annoyingly you can't buy them online, unless you want to spend a little more than you are used to. If that's you, Amazon have got some deals on here.

Otherwise, you best get down to your local Asda, Poundland or Sainos as soon as possible...

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