The Manc - You can now buy a baby onesie with a built-in mop"

You can now buy a baby onesie with a built-in mop


If your baby is going to be crawling around every corner of your house anyway, they may as well lend a hand with the cleaning whilst they’re at it.

Know a soon-to-be parent with a sense of humour? Looking for the perfect gift for a baby shower? Just absolutely hate cleaning in general?

Well, now you can buy a baby onesie with a built-in mop and it’s ace.

As most new parents will tell you, when you’re living in the baby bubble, just about every other task in your life gets put on the back-burner and the cleaning is generally top of that list. For some, that was probably already the case anyway, but now they’ve got a pretty valid excuse.


Available from just £10-12 on Amazon, the onesie features microfiber dusters on the arms, legs and tummy area and they come in a range of sizes, styles and colours/designs as well.

Many do seem to be embracing it as ‘gag gift’ though and let’s face it, even if you have to go around with a mop or duster afterwards, it’s still a pretty funny invention if nothing else.


If you look at it this way, you could just say you’re teaching your child the talent of multi-tasking from an early age and the importance of helping out with chores.

We bet you’ll be thanking us in the long run...

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