The Lottery Winners surprise Mancs with a pop-up set and ticket giveaway at The Castle Hotel

Yet another reason we love this lot.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 10th July 2024

If you happened to be at The Castle Hotel pub in the Northern Quarter on Tuesday evening, you’ll likely have been counting your lucky stars when you saw The Lottery Winners wander for a little surprise set.

The indie-rock four-piece from Leigh, Wigan, are playing Kendal Calling again this year and they decided to head over to an NQ favourite to make a special announcement.

As it turns out, not only will they be playing the popular Lake District festival but after revealing that frontman Tom Rylance will be serving as the pub landlord for their brand-new on-site boozer, ‘The Stagger Inn’ (very, very good), they also decided to treat some Mancs to a little post-work treat.

Sneaking in through the back door, The Lottery Winners appeared behind the bar and began pouring a few pints for the local punters before kicking off a surprise pub quiz and getting out the acoustic guitar for a quick little ditty.

Finally, we were actually in the right place for once.


As you can see, the fun didn’t stop there; the pub quiz wasn’t just for a laugh (although we did have fun even from all the way at the bottom of the leaderboard), it was actually to win VIP passes to Kendal Calling this August and after ending in a tie-break, it all came done to ultimate decider: necking a pint.

We might have fancied our chances if we made it this far but, alas, twas not to be and the winning team proudly collected their well-earned prize.


But once again, they still had another surprise up their sleeve, as Tom then revealed to the other two finalist that they would also be getting tickets to Kendal 2024.

Come on, how buzzing would you be?

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We can’t wait for this year’s festival – it’s genuinely become one of our favourite festival full stop and the prospect of quite literally falling through the door of The Stagger Inn to be served by Tom Rylance is top funny an opportunity to pass up.


There are still tickets left is you’ve never been before and fancy giving a go, and trust us, you won’t regret it one bit.

You can see the full lineup for Kendal Calling 2024 down below:

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Featured Images — The Manc Group/Vincent Cole