Let’s unpack that Man United third kit reveal — including Roy Keane’s prawn sandwich joke

The kit's actually pretty nice but it's the advert we can't stop focusing on.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 8th August 2023

Man United have officially revealed their third kit for the 2023/24 season and beyond the reaction to the shirt itself, fans have been lapping up the announcement video — namely because it stars Roy Keane, giant versions of players and a reference to the infamous ‘prawn sandwich brigade’.

Unveiled on Tuesday, 8 August following a teaser released the day prior featuring the club legend which quickly got everyone talking, United‘s third kit reveal video is probably one of the most interesting things they’ve done in a while, albeit a bit… different?

While the clean white kit with red accents looks to have gone down a treat with the supporters and is said to be a throwback to the club’s FA Cup-winning jersey worn all the way back in the 1908/09 season, it’s safe to say the announcement itself is a bit odd at times.

It has Roy Keane getting involved with a commercial promo and doing a bit of acting, for a start…

We would’ve liked a ‘do me a favour’ thrown in there, but you can’t have everything.

As you can see, although there are plenty of more straightforward and stereotypical shots of the players donning the shirt, there are also clips of Keane walking around the pitch as a storm brews above, using Jedi-like powers to grab a pen using the force and a giant Casemiro looming large over Old Trafford.


As you do.

While some of the moments are genuinely quite compelling — the whole concept revolving around the identity of being a Red Devil and the fact that people are born into supporting the club — it feels a bit jarring to go from a topless Marcus Rashford to an ultrasound of a scan of a baby United fan.


And then there’s the pièce de résistance, which aside from getting the notoriously grumpy and no-nonsense ex-midfielder to not only promote the ex-employers he’s been critical of for so many years but to do a bit of acting, is undoubtedly the reference to one of his most famous moments in a United shirt.

Roy Keane’s iconic ‘prawn sandwich brigade’ speech in full.

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In the legendary interview, Keane took aim at the casual fans and glory hunters who began following the Reds during their most successful years, inadvertently dubbing them the ‘prawn sandwich brigade‘ — a phrase which has been used to describe out-of-towners travelling to the game for decades now.

Moreover, it’s also been used by the likes of Manchester City fans to poke fun at the Old Trafford faithful and the club’s larger fan base: the joke being ‘all United fans are from London’ and prefer the luxuries of hospitality boxes to actually watching the game from the stands etc.


While the term itself has kind of gone on to encompass casual fans, in general (somewhat similar to ‘armchair supporters’), Man United have struggled to shrug off the negative association ever since. With that in mind, the marketing team clearly thought they might as well lean into it – to great effect, we might add. It made us chuckle, anyway.

Nevertheless, it’s still far from the cut-and-paste kind of kit reveal with lots of flashing lights and too many obscure close-ups, and the shirt itself looks to be a bit of a classic judging by the reaction from the fans. They even got Keano to smile, somehow.

Who knew all took to get the Irishman to smile was to star in United’s third kit reveal?

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Featured Image — Manchester United (via Twitter)