People are labelling the price of the new England kits an ‘absolute joke’

When people are struggling to afford the weekly shop, this kind of price point doesn't come off great.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 21st March 2024

The new England home and away kits have finally dropped ahead of Euro 2024 and although they’ve gone down as ‘instant classics’ amongst many fans, the one thing people can’t stop talking about is the price.

As mentioned, most England supporters and kit enthusiasts seem to be pretty happy with the two new designs — the home kit featuring a new thick dark blue collar and trims, as well as an eye-catching purple, textured look for the away kit — the story seems to be the same as last time around.

They’re just too bloody expensive.

Don’t just take our word for it; you only need to hop on social media to see the countless people complaining that what is essentially a templated Nike jersey being minorly tweaked across many different national teams is simply not worth how much you’ll have to fork out.

Yes, that’s right, a replica England shirt will set you back £84.99 and the authentic ‘Dri-FIT Adv’ versions that the players wear are being sold at a whopping £124.99. Crikey.


As for children’s sizes, a home or away shirt will still cost £64.99; mini-kits for toddlers and younger are still £54.99 and even just a pair of kid’s shorts are £32.99.

Several commenters quipped along the lines of, “the people’s game” and, “You can get twelve loaves of bread at Waitrose for the money these shirts cost!”, others were much more upset in their reaction.


Another wrote: “The price of these kits is a disgrace. With a cost of living crisis currently going on. How do we find £85 for a replica? They should be lowered in a gesture of goodwill to your loyal support.”

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Once again, there seem to be few moans about the new kits themselves but there seems to be an almost universal cry of ‘what a rip-off!’ from England supporters.

Moreover, many online are already calling for Three Lions fans to boycott Nike over their “outrageous” price point — and not just when it comes to these kits but club jerseys in general of the past few years too.


Are you willing to pay this much for an England shirt and, if not, what price do you think they should be sold for?

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Featured Images — England/Nike