Sir Bobby Charlton’s Soccer School, which helped discover David Beckham, is sadly shutting down

End of an era.

Danny Jones Danny Jones - 4th January 2023

England and Man United legend Sir Bobby Charlton’s long-standing soccer school is unfortunately shutting down after more than 40 years.

The Bobby Charlton Soccer & Sports Academy is responsible for discovering the likes of young football stars like David Beckham, Marcos Alonso, Steven Ireland, Jóhann Berg Guðmundsson and more.

Now though, the feeder footballing and sports organisation based in Parrs Wood, East Didsbury has entered liquidation as of 23 December 2022.

The news of its insolvency was confirmed by The Gazette with Paul Weber, a partner at financial advisory firm Leigh Adams, overseeing the process. It marks the end of an important and historic sporting institution.

The soccer school is thought to have been in at least £40,000 of debt when liquidation was announced, £30,000 of which was owed to Lloyds Bank who provided a business loan to the company to help them survive during and after the pandemic.


Sir Bobby is said to have to ended his involvement with the company some time ago but the business has still carried his name for nearly 45 years.

Holding various summer and residential sports camps abroad, Bobby Charlton’s Soccer Schools reached all across the globe, setting up their first initiatives in Dubai as recently as 2017.

Bobby Charlton Soccer & Sports Academy
Credit: @Bobbies (via Twitter)

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The United legend and 1966 World Cup winner set up the organisation way back in 1978 and went on to help launch the careers of countless players throughout the British football pyramid and further afield.

The Academy, accountants at Leigh Adams and associated figures at the Manchester United Foundation are yet to issue a statement.

Nevertheless, Sir Bobby’s legacy and the impact of his academies live on.


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Featured Image — David Beckham (via IG)/Wikimedia Commons