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This kids’ miniature play village is only an hour away from Manchester

It's home to a supermarket, a bank, post office, hospital, barbers, beauty salon and even a theatre.

The Manc The Manc - 2nd June 2021

A miniature children’s village only an hour away from Manchester is now open for your little ones to immerse themselves in.

This is Apple Tree Town, a new role play centre built by sisters Sarah and Nat Peach in Chesterton, just 50 miles down the M6 towards Stoke.

The Biggleton-inspired custom built town (a popular CBBC show) is a fully decked out children’s paradise featuring mini versions of everyday shops and businesses – perfect for your kid to find their ideal career, or just cause carnage in.

It’s home to a supermarket, a bank, post office, hospital (yes, there’s an ambulance), barbers, beauty salon and even a theatre. There’s even a baby-friendly soft play area in the middle of the town.

The centre is aimed at kids between the ages of two and eight, but the sisters say that kids up to the age of ten will also enjoy the experience.


There’s a cafe for parents to enjoy a cup of coffee or a brew while your kids tire themselves out, giving you ample time to stare at your phone and forget you even have children.

Apple Tree Town

Speaking to Stone-on-Trent Live, mum-of-one Sarah, aged 33, said: “This is a brand new challenge for us. I previously worked with children, so I have experience on that side, but running a business is new for us.


“We were inspired by the TV show Biggleton – it’s like a miniature village. We thought that something like this would be great for the area – we feel like Newcastle needs an educational, but also fun, play centre.

“Children can come in and role play and decide if they want to be a paramedic, or work at the post office. There’s so many options.

“The centre is best suited for children between two and eight, but we don’t want to put a cap on that. We’ve had nine and 10-year-olds coming and really enjoying it.


“We’ve also got a baby area, where admission is slightly cheaper, because obviously they can’t enjoy the full centre just yet.

“We’d love for Apple Tree Farm to be a way for children to understand the world around them a bit better, and learn something while they’re playing.”

The experience is fully accessible and will be home to kids’ parties when COVID restrictions allow.

You can find out more on their Facebook page here.