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The northern village, caves, and medieval street named among the most beautiful places in the UK

Daisy Jackson Daisy Jackson - 17th May 2024

The most beautiful places in the UK have been named, with several spots up north elbowing their way onto the list.

From mystical caves in the Lake District to the Mediterranean-style architecture in… Wales… there are so many stunning places to explore on our doorstep.

Time Out’s list of the 15 most beautiful places in the UK, compiled by travel writers, has picked out ‘pinch-me’ destinations across the nation.

Several of the places chosen are within a couple of hours’ drive of Manchester, too, so you really don’t have far to go to seek out the very best of the British isles.

One spot that was well-deserving of a mention is Portmeirion, a popular village in North Wales that’s famous for its colourful architecture.


The village is the brainchild of Sir Clough Williams-Ellis and was inspired by the Mediterranean, which is plain to see in the colourful buildings and palm trees jutting out from an otherwise very British scene,

The tourist hotspot completed in 1975 and Time Out says it’s ‘like something out of a dream’.


The guide said: “This unique tourist village has established itself as the most romantic spot in north Wales. 

“Of course, it certainly helps if it comes with Italianate architecture, colourful facades and an unforgettable sense of romance. How could you not fall for Portmeirion?”

Another spot in the north of England that has been named one of the most beautiful places in the UK is Rydal Caves, tucked in the heart of the Lake District.


Now us Mancs know that nowhere in the country can compare to the majestic scenes right across the national park, but there is something really special about the dramatic cave system.

Located right between Grasmere and Ambleside, they’re accessible in just a 15 minute walk from the nearest car park.

Rydal Caves in the Lake District made Time Out's list of the Most Beautiful Places. Credit: Unsplash, Jonny Gios
Rydal Caves in the Lake District made Time Out’s list of the Most Beautiful Places. Credit: Unsplash, Jonny Gios

You can leap across stepping stones all the way to the back of the cave, then look back out at the surrounding woodland through the cave’s huge entrance.

This spot was chosen by Netflix for scenes of the second season of The Witcher – told you it was magical.

Over in Yorkshire (and it’s a surprise to no one to see this on the list), is The Shambles in York.


The well-preserved medieval street features ramshackle buildings, cobbled street, and quaint little shops, and again looks like something straight out of a storybook.

Skipping over its gory past, Time Out said: “There are few easier, more atmospheric ways to transport yourself back hundreds of years (without the iffy smells and sights) than a stroll down Shambles.”

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Featured image: Unsplash